ZoCo Design Website



User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Art Direction

In the 2 years I spent at ZoCo Design, one of my favorite projects was redesigning the agency's website. ZoCo was growing and expanding their capabilities and the website and brand needed a facelift to reflect all the new. As an agency that does many interactive projects, it is both most fun and most challenging project to design your own website. We started off from the very basic (Who is our audience? What are our brand values?) and developed a user experience for the site to present both the work and the culture of the agency. 


ZoCo is a very young and energetic agency so to highlight those brand values, we used plenty of bold colors and patterns. To add even more fun, we also designed a variety of unique interactions and hidden games throughout the site to surprise and delight visitors. These include a game in the footer inspired by the agency dog Roscoe and a team "Fun Facts" game on the About page. Check out the site and see if you can find them!


The website has received very positive response and has done an excellent job elevating ZoCo's brand and reputation since its launch in early 2016. In addition to being a success for the business, it also won an Excellence award in the Interactive Design category at the 2016 CSCA Creative Best Awards. See the site for yourself at zocodesign.com.