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Social Media Graphics


Social Media Strategy, Copywriting, Illustration, Graphic Design

This shaving cream company wanted to improve their social media game. They partnered with ZoCo, where I lead the project, to test out some new graphics for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

We started off with an evaluation of their current social media strategy where they used the hashtag #legstakeyou partnered with stock imagery of legs, primarily related to fitness. Next, we developed a variety of concepts to push their strategy and try for more engagement. Some of our suggestions for concepts were:


1. #legstakeyou 

Legs can take you to the beach, on vacation, or on a nice morning run. But they are with you in other life moments too: an important meeting, on a walk with your child, or taking a day off in bed. Pushing #legstakeyou even further, this concept motivates and connects with a larger audience by showing how important legs can be. 
Example copy: “These legs take charge of the room." "These legs take a well-deserved day off." 

2. Self-Care

Shaving can feel like a luxury when you don't have time. This concept connects to followers with encouragement to take care of themselves and treat themselves to a perfect shave. The advice to take some "me-time" combined with other tips for small indulgences is feel-good and highly shareable. 
Example copy: “Saturdays are meant for sleeping in, sipping coffee, and bubble baths." 

3. The Little Things

There is no other feeling like freshly shaved legs. This concept reinforces the feeling of silky legs with the little tactile things in life that feel good— like walking barefoot in grass or holding a warm cup of coffee. Show that shaving can be something that provides one of these little good feeling every day. 
Example copy: "There is nothing like the feeling of slipping into the pool with silky smooth, freshly shaved legs." 

4. Product Stories

This concept concentrates on the product and allows followers to connect with their favorite variety. Scenes that tells a story with the rust-proof can combined with other items show lifestyles, different scenarios to use the shave cream, or ingredients and scents. And combining the product with other items the audience loves encourages more interaction.


The final concept that the client chose was the visuals of Product Stories combined with some of the other concepts. The goal was to make graphics that told a story, relating back to shaving and always including the can in the image.  


For the graphics we tried a combination of photos and illustrations to keep the images looking more custom and less like stock photos. We also decided to incorporate patterns and repeating imagery in some of the graphics to make more attention-grabbing and artistic visuals.