Ohio Innovation Fund Branding

CLIENT: Ohio Innovation Fund

Logo Design, Identity Design, Graphic Design

The Ohio Innovation Fund is a new venture fund started by the Ohio State University and Ohio University. In 2016 they got their first Managing Director and needed a brand to start establishing a place in the Ohio startup scene. 

One of the larger goals of the fund is to establish Ohio as a top place for investing and growth of new businesses. The brand needed to appeal to both new investors and to mid-level startups looking for funding. It was also important that the fund be viewed as high-quality and as a dedicated partner to startups. Based on this, we developed a simple logo that reflected the shape of the Ohio flag with a high-end color palette and branding. 


The navy color is used heavily, complemented by the gold to appear more established. The overlapping triangles of the logo were translated into a series of plaid patterns. The plaid brings in a collegiate feel, appropriate for a fund started by two universities. 


Letterhead and a business card design were also included in the rebrand, along with a brand standards manual that sets rules for the usage of the logo, color palette, typography, patterns, etc.