Finance Authority Website

Client: Columbus-Franklin County Finance Authority

User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Art Direction

The redesign of the Columbus Finance Authority website was both a visual improvement and a huge user experience upgrade. As a public agency (technically a port authority) that funds development projects in Central Ohio, Columbus Finance Authority had a variety of audiences for their website and a plethora of information to share on their different programs. Their website acts as the main source for clients to learn about the agency and their programs and apply for funding. In a growing city like Columbus, they are an important resource and their new site needed to reflect the quality and significance of their services.


Organization was key with the need for showing off programs, projects, and updates from the agency. For each of these pages, we designed an easy filtering system to help define the user’s needs. Even if a user wasn’t sure what program they were looking for, the filter made it easier to find. We also included links back and forth between related projects and programs to further define the services and encourage exploration. 


Being a public agency, other users of the site included board members and the community. It was necessary to highlight monthly meetings and news. The activity feed on the home page pulls from 3 parts of the site to show what is most relevant to these viewers. The latest happenings show up first, whether that is news, a meeting, or a new development project that's been funded. 

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