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Create Hungry: CSCA Creative Best 2016

Client: Columbus Society of Communicating Arts
Agency: ZoCo Design

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Photography, Event Design

Creative Best is the annual award show of the Columbus Society of Communicating Arts. For 2016, I was both a part of the design team for the show and also helped to organize the event itself as Event Manager for CSCA. 

We chose the concept “Create Hungry” based on the quote “Stay hungry, stay foolish” and the idea of always staying excited for the next chance to create. The visuals are a literal interpretation of the concept with smashed food combined with formal black and white typography and design elements. One of the best parts of working on this project was smashing all the food to photograph!


The design process started with making the promotional materials for the work submission day. This included a save-the-date postcard, social media graphic, a custom page for the website, and a entry form packet with instructions for entering. Next, we designed promotional materials for the event itself. All the copywriting was a play on food sayings and puns.

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At the award show, guests received an award book with all of the night’s winners. The book was the main course of the project and something that attendees will look back on to remember the show. 


We also took the award presentation a little further with extra video elements, including a countdown timer with slowly melting popsicles during the pre-show happy hour and an on-brand video to introduce the year’s co-presidents. 


Videography by Josh Walz. Food throwing by me.


The event itself was a huge success with over 250 attendees. Winners took home custom trophies and the most coveted “Best of Show” award winner also received a customized apron. The event signage also included the design of a photobooth backdrop that everyone had fun with. 

 Photo by  Ray LaVoie .

Photo by Ray LaVoie.