BYBE Branding


Naming, Logo Design, Identity Design

BYBE is a new company, based in Columbus, that created an app to give customers rebates on alcohol purchases. Previously named Rebooze, they needed a new name and identity that would both be exciting to customers and professional enough for grocery stores to associate with. 

After going though a brand strategy session, we started on the naming process. A few favorites from the dozens of options included DrinkLink, Savour, Choozy, Fullfill, and Tastr. The name "BYBE" was settled on as a shortened version of "imbibe" and relating back to the word "buy." It is spelled in all uppercase to keep the brand feeling bold, even when visuals aren't present.


The logo is made up of an icon with the letter B that looks like a peeling sticker and the wordmark. The purple sticker peels up to reveal the red underneath, as red is often associated with sales. The reveal represents both the exclusive savings when using the app and the discovery of new brands and information within the app.  

Because this is an exclusively digital brand, the colors could be unapologetically bold. We complemented the primary color red with a bright purple and blue and gave each color a gradient for added dimension and interest.


Finally, we created a simple brand standards manual with guidelines for using the logo, colors, and typography so that BYBE could keep their new look consistent across all platforms.