I'm Sasha.

I am a designer working in both digital and physical mediums. My concentration is in user interface design and branding but I also have notable experience in print design, user experience, video art direction, innovation, and occasional screen printing.

I grew up in the swamps of Florida and relocated to Columbus for a busier climate and art school. In my 6+ years of ingraining myself in the Columbus design community, I feel at home in the hive of talent and innovation that is this city.  

I have a tendency for both over-analyzing and jumping into problems head first. I'm working on finding the right balance, but that's what makes me good at this stuff. I work hard to always be learning and challenging what is typical. It's the way I was raised and it's what makes me happy.  

Lately, I've been spending my evenings and weekends renovating my 1920 Italianate house in Victorian Village and volunteering for CSCA as Event Manager. My hobbies include biking, baking, my pets, and finding my life's soundtrack.



Let's talk. 

If you want to learn more, let's talk. I always love meeting new people!


941 713 3389


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